With today's technology, handwritten communication has become the exception. Renew your love of writing with one of our fine quality writing instruments.

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Visconti began handcrafting fine writing instruments in Florence, Italy in 1988. Since day one, the firm has been under the direct and creative supervision of two "old world" artisans, Dante Del Vecchio and Luigi Poli. Their wealth of knowledge, craftsmanship, and vigilance to detail prompted Visconti to be the first contemporary company to re-apply the art and beauty of Celluloid pens.

Consistent with its reputation of excellence in design and technology, Visconti has recently introduced several elegant writing instruments collections which have captured the imaginations of a public seeking innovation.

In it's brief history, Visconti has taken great strides to produce the world's finest quality writing instruments and continues to accept challenges of long forgotten arts without compromise.

*Celluloid is an environmentally friendly, modern material, which does not derive from petroleum products, but from cellulose and camphor. It is not only available in a very wide range of colours, but it is also shock-proof, a fundamental characteristic for valuable pen production.

Van Gogh series
Available in: black, vanilla, sandal rusty-brown/orange, ocean - blue/green, musk - green/brown

Mini fountain pen$185.00
Mini ballpoint$150.00
Maxi ballpoint$250.00
Maxi rollerball$255.00
Mini rollerball$180.00
Maxi fountain pen$440.00 (14k nib)
Midi fountain$230.00 (steel nib), to $295.00 (14k nib)

Porsche Design
Fundamental, not decorative. Engineered, not just perfectly designed. Luxury as a result of its sheer purity. Porsche Design is truly unique. Each object is reduced to its essential function. Derived from that; a clear, linear shape. The automobile heritage adds another dimension: Movement.

Opening. Closing. Folding. Unfolding. Experiencing technological and functional perfection. The most advanced materials of high quality come together. Fine traditional craftsmanship meets modern manufacturing technology. Creating and owning Porsche Design objects both mean being captured by their timeless aesthetics. Their classic modernism. Their uncompromising essence. Passion. Performance. Purism. Precision.

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Porsche P'3110
Barrel made of TecFlex stainless steel weave, Fountain Pen with 18-carat gold nib, rhodinized
Tec-flex "steel" FP $520.00
Tec-flex "gold steel" FP $550.00
BP $250.00 to $290.00
RB $365.00 to $375.00

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Porsche P'3130
Barrel made of 17 polished stainless steel stems. Front piece, clip and end piece made of solid, platinized metal
Mikado steel BP $345.00
Mikado steel MP $345.00

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Porsche P'3140 and P'3120
P'3140 Compact ball-point pen, with a barrel made of natural rubber
Porsche Mini Pearl BP $115.00

P'3120 Ballpoint barrel made of aluminum
Aluminum, anthracite or titanium in color $140.00

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Monteverde Invincia –
Carbon Fibre and Chrome Collection

The perfect balance between art and technology. A spectacular pen at a modest price.
$82.00 Ballpoint
$84.00 Rollerball
$90.00 Fountain Pen

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Monteverde Invincia
The Invincia Black and White Collection offers the elegance of maximum colour contrasts while maintaining the strength and purity of design. Using European grade acrylic resins and breakthrough applications of carbon fibre technology, this collection makes technology luxurious.
$95.00 Ballpoint

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Monteverde Mini Jewelria
The Mini Jewelria features beautiful handmade resins, special trim and ergonomically evolved design. Available in rollerball and fountain pen, the mini is bigger than the sum of its parts.
Ballpoint - $42.00
Rollerball - $46.00
Fountain Pen - $52.00

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LAMY Safari Fountain Pens
Featuring LAMY Safari, a lightweight, colourful fountain pen made of sturdy plastic with flexible clip of spring brass wire. Available in yellow, red, royal blue, charcoal, white, shiny black and limited 2009 edition orange - any size nib.
From $41.00 Fountain Pens.

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LAMY AL-Star Graphite
The Lamy AL-Star line makes writing easier than ever. Made from lightweight, durable aluminum, the AL-star is available in a fountain pen, ballpoint, mechanical pencil and rollerball. Available in silver, graphite, silver blue, silver green, raspberry and dark blue. All colours not available in all formats.
From $40.00 to $62.00

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For fluent and precise writing: the Lamy Tipo. Capless rollerball with integrated clip/push-button mechanism. Available in several attractive colours—at an exceptional price.
$18.00 Capless Rollerball

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Faber-Castell Ambition
From the world's oldest manufacturer of writing instruments comes the Ambition line, featuring a high quality stainless steel nib and cap. Suitable for engraving. Available in a fountain pen, rollerball and mechanical pencil with .7 mm lead.
From $85.00